Kingston 11

Kingston 11

Kingston 11 Cuisine is an environmentally friendly, community-oriented, innovative restaurant. Our mission is to provide consistent high-quality, delicious blends of Jamaican and Californian cuisines using local and organic ingredients. We are a contemporary urban dining oasis known for great service, cultural exchange and the nexus of great relationships. Our goal is to use these qualities to positively transform the lives of our patrons, employees, and greater community.

In addition to creating a community-vibe, our menu is designed with your health in mind. We craft plates that make the best of the bounty of seasonal fruit and vegetables California offers. We believe that our community deserves to eat the food we love while taking care of our bodies. That’s why we keep deep frying, dairy, and sugar to a minimum and never use lard. Our rice and peas are made with brown rice, our sweet potato wedges are baked with olive oil and our menu features a plethora of options for vegetarians, vegans, and those with nut, dairy, or gluten allergies. Jamaican food can equally accommodate palettes that prefer spice or milder tastes without ever compromising fullness of flavor.

2270 Telegraph Ave
Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 465-2558

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